Unique One of a Kind Headboard You Can Make

New decorating trends lean towards mixing furniture to make a room more interesting and give it a designer look. Contemporary mixed with mid-century modern pieces. Shabby Chic with ultra-modern, bright colors. If you are working with a limited budget … second hand and consignment shops may be your furniture store of choice. Don’t be discouraged … second hands stores are often my number one choice … all you need is a bit of creativity!


In this post I am going to focus on headboards. What better way to personalize a bedroom than with a unique, one of a kind, home-made headboard … all you need is a little imagination.

Below I have posted pictures that will hopefully spark your imagination. Tuck these ideas in my “mind’s eye,” using your smart phone, snap some pictures of the bedroom you are furnishing, jot down the measurements of the bed then off you go. Second hand store, hardware store, craft or fabric store …. so many possibilities!

Fabric headboard: 







This can be created many different ways.  You may find a used headboard at a second hand store … all you need is a length of fabric and a staple gun and viola. If you are creating a new fabric headboard you can use lightweight wood or heavy cardboard cut to the width of the bed and then covered with quilt batting and fabric. Or perhaps you like the look of a “framed” headboard. If you cannot find a frame the exact width of the bed you can easily create your own custom frame using decorative wood trim or crown molding found at most home improvement stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. You will also need a heavy cardboard or pressed wood cut to fit inside the frame. Cover the cardboard or pressed wood with batting and fabric and then insert into frame and secure. Remember that if you use a headboard that is not attached to the frame of the bed, you will need to securely mount the headboard to the wall.















Wonderfully creative ideas using fencing or wrought iron.  Paint to match your décor or antique and distress to create a unique look to your “country” décor.



























Old doors, windows or shutters can add a romantic look … perfect for “shabby chick” decor!





Antique mirrors, fireplace frame, mantle, cabinet doors, covered canvas squares, a decorative screen or tapestry, antique tin ceiling tiles, even a pallet!! 

The sky is the limit … use your imagination and have fun!










Logo Vector Final 11-24-09





































































































Photos:  https://www.google.com/search?q=homemade+headboards  








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