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One of the benefits of using a Vacation Rental Management company, such as Vacation Rentals of the Desert, is that we have friendly and knowledgeable staff to help make your stay the best possible.  Whether it is you first visit to the desert or you are a regular visitor there is much to see, do, and taste during your stay.  Also we know the business landscape is ever changing and a favorite business that was there last year may not be there the next for various reasons.  Have no worries as we are here to help!  Looking for a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion?  We can suggest multiple restaurants to fit your needs.  Having a craving for authentic German food?  We know where to send you.  Are you visiting the street fair in Downtown Palm Springs and need a recommendation of where to grab a drink?  We know the spots you are looking for. Being a local business these are the bars and restaurants we patronize ourselves. So instead of wading through the sea of conflicting Yelp! reviews we can provide suggestions to help you find what you are looking for.

Let Vacation Rentals of the Desert help you begin your exploration of Palm Springs and the rest of the desert. Through December of 2016, any new reservation that mentions this posting at the time of booking will receive a $50 gift card/certificate to one of your favorite restaurants.  Have dinner for two on us and start your vacation off right.  Will it end up being a favorite that you visit multiple times during your stay?  Could it be a restaurant you return to every time you visit the desert?  We hope so, and we hope it will make your stay enjoyable and one you will have fond memories of.


Posted by Vacation Rentals of the Desert Employee David.

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