It Takes a Team


As the calendar flips to September most people are thinking about the beginning of school and the start of football season.  For us at Vacation Rentals of the Desert it is the signal that our pre-season has begun.  September and October are spent gearing up for our season.  Properties that were re-decorated or re-modeled during the off season need to be checked, new photos need to be taken, and to make sure they are ready for tenants.  New properties added to the program will need the last minute touches to get them ready.  Items that were in storage for the summer like patio furniture will need to be cleaned and brought out.  So even though the season hasn’t started yet, we are pretty busy.

With that in mind it needs to be mentioned what a team effort Vacation Rentals of the Desert is.  Owners who rent properties on their own may think it is not all that much work, but think about how much time and effort it takes to prepare 120+ properties!  We have been lucky with wonderful staff in the past and present to go along with the wonderful businesses that help us be the company we are today.  Kathy, Joaquin, and Trish…you are the backbone of the company.  Your dedication is seen daily and our guests recognize and appreciate it.  Your hard work does not go unnoticed.  We have had wonderful seasonal staff in the past,  Michelle you fit in right away and your hard work has made it so we count the days till you are back in the office with us.  David…your work on social media and the website upkeep is much appreciated.  A big thank you is needed to Lesley and the rest of Crown Concierge.  Your hard work allows Vacation Rentals of the Desert to succeed, as cleaning and concierge services are so important to our business.  We are glad to have you in our corner.  Lastly, our handy man Alex…THANK YOU!  Your reliable and impeccable service always insures that our properties are kept up and running so our guests can enjoy their stays.

There is no “I” in team and only one “I” in Vacation Rentals of the Desert.  It takes all of us to get through the season and your hard work is always noticed and very much appreciated.


Posted by Vacation Rentals of the Desert Employee David

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  1. Kathy OConnor says:

    Thanks Vickie:

    You know I love working here and everyone has their own little input in the day to day operation of the company. I am glad I am back .


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