Photos That Will Make Your Rental Shine!


I recently received a call from a prospective new client, Tim.  Tim explained that he and his wife have a vacation rental that they were interested in listing with my company.  He told me that I could view the property on Zillow and gave me the listing number.  Based on the photos alone, I almost turned down the property … but being aware of how bad my own photography skills are, I wrote down their lock-box code and promised to visit the property and call Tim back the next day.  (See photo below)  The next morning when I walked into the vacation home, I just shook my head …. this property was absolutely gorgeous.  The photos on their Zillow listing did not even begin to do justice to this amazing home and it was not surprising that their listing did not bring in many inquiries.


GREAT PHOTOS may very well be the number one component in a successful vacation rental listing … and my advice … never cut corners.    With this in mind, I found a great article on the TripAdvisor Vacation Rental Blog, posted August 11, 2015, that I want to share today.  For vacation rental listings, I am a firm believer in professional photography, however from time to time I have met owners who consider themselves semi-professional or photographers “at heart.”  For those of you who have a better than average camera and eye, I think  the following article will be helpful.

P.S.  This week Tim and his wife signed up with my company, Vacation Rentals of the Desert.  Professional photos are being shot this coming Thursday!  So happy to add yet another “amazing” property to our list of vacation homes.





Posted On 11 Aug 2015

When your potential guests are researching for their hard-earned trip, looks matter. Your photos need to show off your rental at its best to bring in the bookings.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take a great picture, but it helps to get some advice from one. Grab your digital camera and read these seven top tips from our guest contributor Mike Frisbee, a TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals homeowner and photographer, who knows a thing or two about taking photos that sparkle.


First off: check out the competition. When someone else’s listing leaves you itching to book a vacation, note down what’s great about the photos and try a similar approach.  Click here to read the entire article … 

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