Off Season Destinations


Yesterday I had a great conversation with one of our property owners.  He’s been on a visit this past week, staying at his vacation rental home here in the desert.  He likes the desert at this time of the year and I thought today would be an ideal time to talk about the often overlooked appeal of off-season rentals.

Escaping from his hectic life in Los Angeles, Lou likes the “peace and quiet” during the off-season … “I can take a walk in the evening and not have to fight crowds.  I may not even see another person.”  It’s true … locals love the off-season, no crowds, no waiting in line at your favorite restaurant … or any restaurant for that matter!  Nights are balmy, sitting outside with friends … toes in the pool, a glass of wine under a perfect star filled sky … and believe me, there is nothing like the clear desert skies!  Paradise, complete and utter relaxation!  During off-season, those of us remaining in the desert can enjoy a gourmet three course dinner, then a stroll along El Paseo Drive (the desert’s equivalent of Rodeo Drive); or a block-buster movie at The River Entertainment Center and an ice cream cone afterwards.  We drop our kids off at the water park so mom and dad can treat themselves to a day at one the desert’s world-class spas.  An early morning round of golf, a shopping trip to the Cabazon Outlet Stores, a hiking trip to the Joshua Tree National Park, and the list goes on and on and on.  The thing is … no one is here but the locals so just about everything is offered at a deep discount to draw more business.  Three-course gourmet meals at five-star restaurants as low as $25!  A round of golf as low as $25!  Spas offering huge savings on spa treatments and packages!  Half price all day Tuesday at Century Movie Theaters!  And yes … vacation rentals are offered at ridiculously low rates too.

Now through September, Vacation Rentals of the Desert is offering two bedroom country club condominiums, four days/three nights for $475 … all-inclusive, no additional fees!  OK, let’s do the math … if it’s just you, or you and a spouse or you and your family … that’s $158.33 per night.  If it’s you and another couple … that’s $79.17 per couple per night or $237.50 for a long weekend … in a luxury condominium, on a golf course, by a pool!  Then with discount meals and entertainment, it’s a vacation deal you just can’t beat.  We also have three bedroom condos at $525 for three nights, perfect for the larger family or three couples … now you do the math.  If you’re in driving distance of the desert … or maybe you live here and would like friends or family to visit, but maybe not at your house … this is a great, great deal.  And don’t let the heat scare you off … we have air conditioning and lots and lots of pools!

But you may not be up for a visit to our beautiful Palm Springs desert … just about any destination has it’s “high” and “low” season.  Maybe a trip to the beach in the winter … walks on the beach without fighting crowds or dodging cyclists … picture sitting on the porch of a cozy beach front vacation home, wrapped in a warm blanket, hands warmed by a steaming cup of coffee while you watch the sun set and the fog roll onto the shore, a couple of fishing boats bobbing on the waves in the distance … maybe your “honey” is snuggled next to you, not another soul in sight.  Romantic movie stuff, huh?

Hopefully you understand where I’m going with this.  Off season destinations are frequently overlooked and often offer great value, especially if you long for peace and relaxation.  Many of our vacation rental properties vary as much as 50% from high to low season rates, as do many of the restaurants and area attractions.  Do some poking around on the internet and I’m sure you can find some of these same “off season” deals throughout the world.  Finding a destination within a few hours’ drive is a great way to take affordable small vacations throughout the year.

Finding a relaxing weekend escape from your busy life without a stressful cost … priceless!



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