Midcentury haven Palm Springs comes back to life


Poking around on Facebook today I found a wonderful article shared on a favorite blog that I follow, “Sit and Stay A While.” Sarah shared a great article on Palm Springs posted by the Boston Globe on March 7, 2015.

“For people who love midcentury design and the mystical midcentury lifestyle, Palm Springs is the number one place in the world to experience it.” This line from the article is oh so true and touches on a subject I have wanted to talk about in this blog for some time now.

It is amazing to watch the old midcentury homes in the desert come back to life! What this article does not go into is the vast number of these local home transformations being the result of vacation rental investments. These are not your typical investors. These home buyers are just like you and me, not big corporations, not multi-investors … they are visitors who fall in love with our desert and decide it would be wonderful to own their own vacation home.  In years following 2008, a number of older homes that had fallen into disrepair and the decrease in real estate values, those who had money to invest saw a wide selection of affordable homes to select from … thanks to the recession.  Many of those minor investors jumped on the opportunity to purchase a vacation home with the thought that it would be fun to bring a neglected beauty back to life and then to off-set their costs by generating vacation rental income.  The real estate market has come back but this trend seems to have caught on in spite of escalating home prices, and it has had a great impact on neighborhoods throughout the desert.  A successful vacation rental home must be well maintained, beautifully landscaped and kept in top condition at all times.

I have witnessed this throughout the desert and Vacation Rentals of the Desert has a few of these properties on our vacation rental program. The property pictured above is located about a block from our office. Three years ago it looked like a tear-down. It had year-round tenants, a large family, and was one of the scariest properties in our area … fence falling down, graffiti on the walls, dead yard, a mix of foil and sheets on the windows. And then the family moved out and a for sale sign went up in the yard. After a few months we noticed that the sign was gone and there were contractors all over the place. The transformation happened quickly, the house was gutted down to the studs and completely renovated! We watched and even walked through the house as the work progressed. Soon the work was finished and … surprise … the owners contacted us, listed the property and now not only are the owners enjoying their very own midcentury home in the desert, but they are successfully offsetting some of the overhead by running a brisk vacation rental business. But also don’t forget that they took a scary, run-down eye-sore and turned it into one of the most beautiful properties in the neighborhood … which also helps to increase the value of all the properties in their area.

z (3)

Above is another example of this exact same scenario and how vacation rentals are helping to revitalize the desert, improve neighborhoods and bring some of our neglected architectural beauties back to life.

z (1)

Above … yet another renovated midcentury beauty that we manage.

Following is the article mentioned above from the Boston Globe. Even if you are not a fan of midcentury modern, I believe you will enjoy the article, photos and short video. Thank you Christopher Muther of the Boston Globe for such a wonderful article about our desert. And I wish all my readers a happy Sunday!

Midcentury haven Palm Springs comes back to life


By Christopher MutherGlobe Staff  March 07, 2015

PALM SPRINGS — It was as if I were walking through an issue of Architectural Digest. I gingerly stepped on travertine floors with a pair of disposable medical shoe covers clinging to my beat-up sneakers. I wandered through minimalist rooms abutting sunny courtyards and then gazed longingly into shimmering swimming pools until I was temporarily blinded by reflected sunlight.

As I progressed through these midcentury architectural masterpieces in Palm Springs, the term “real estate envy” crystallized before my eyes. Touring the desert homes was like a dream, a dream that made me seriously rethink my Ikea furniture purchases and nudged me toward cleaning the red wine stains off my living room rug.

Full story:   http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/travel/2015/03/07/midcentury-haven-comes-back-life/3Fm9493GTCK6z3DaWoGnLK/story.html


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