1959257_134827990021136_2146120384_nBeing a small business owner, I have come to appreciate the hard work and heart that it takes to make that first scary step towards starting a business.  At the beginning, with twelve years of vacation rental management behind me, some people would think that starting Vacation Rentals of the Desert would be pretty easy.  It is true that I knew the vacation rental business well, but the difference between managing and owning are miles apart.  Being an owner/manager can even be more stressful … and all my clients, whether property owners or renters, know that the buck stops at my desk … and they all know where to find my desk.    I’m happy I took the leap of faith and I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish with the help of my exceptional hand-picked staff.   It’s fun and rewarding but takes hard work … everyday!

16503_214627095374558_8594128579485478441_nIt goes without saying that I greatly admire those with an idea, a dream and a bit of gumption, who take those first scary steps and turn their dreams into a business.  So today’s post is not about the vacation rental industry, but about one of my property owners … another successful small business owner surrounded by exceptional people.   


Sandy popped into the office yesterday to say hello.  I have managed David and Sandy’s property at Rancho Las Palmas Country Club for several years.  After chatting for a few minutes she mentioned that she had gifted a couple of bottles of wine to her vacationing guests.  Then Sandy told us it was from her winery, her label … BlendZ!!  Wow!!  Turns out Sandy and her husband David, along with close friends recently started their own winery in Ventura, California!  She showed us the website and explained that their inspiration came from Rock n’ Roll and their blends are inspired by … music!  With labels like “Dazed and Confused” and “Imagine” it is easy to see that their clientele centers around baby boomers … however I’m sure any age can appreciate a good bottle of wine.  What a clever, fun and delicious concept.  They have a small storefront in Ventura, with lots of “happening” events.  If you are in the area, drop by BlendZ Winery and become a groupie.  Say hi to David and Sandy and tell them Vickie from Vacation Rentals of the Desert sent you … have a glass of Scarlet Begonias for me.

Happy Sunday everyone!




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