A Perfectly Appointed Vacation Home

958422I was recently searching the internet for topic ideas for this blog. One item I kept coming upon was lists of minimum furnishing requirements. With the approaching holidays, many websites offered lists of kitchen necessities for holiday guests. Looking through these lists, I thought hmmmm …. how were these kitchens supplied before the holiday guests?  As far as I’m concerned, any vacation is a holiday. There is always a possibility that your guests will be cooking and entertaining and a well-supplied kitchen is required year-round, not just during the holidays. So today I am sharing Vacation Rentals of the Desert’s complete “Minimum Requirement List.” If you provide these items, you will have a comfortable, well equipped vacation home. You may question some of these items … but think “big picture.” For example; electric can opener …. older guests who may suffer from arthritis; pillow protectors … open mouth sleepers; plastic clothes hangers … “Mommy Dearest” … come on, no one likes wire hangers unless you’ve locked your keys in the car.  At 10 for $1.99 it’s worth giving your property a bit more class.  Remember, whether you manage your own vacation rental home or you hire a management company … you are in the hospitality business.  If you want to be successful, generate more business and receive good reviews, you must provide a perfectly appointed, well maintained vacation home.  Sometimes the smallest details count the most.


     Minimum Furnishings Requirements Blog Minimum Furnishing Requirements

             Click on the document to view full size.



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