Keeping My Good Humor Intact


Yet another one of my favorite and absolutely true, vacation rental stories.  But be forewarned … it’s a bit risqué. 

Some years ago I received a call from a vacationing guest who asked if she could make arrangements for the following year’s winter vacation.  Her current property was located on the South 4th Tee at Rancho Las Palmas Country Club in Rancho Mirage.  The guest was an older woman who vacationed alone, escaping Canada during the coldest months.  She asked if I could find her an alternate home for her next visit.  When I asked if she was unhappy with her current vacation home she said ….

“I like to spend my days on the patio, relaxing in the sun with a book.”  She further explained, “I do not like this location.  It’s very disturbing when the men stop to wash their balls right in front of me.”

If took me a few moments to pick myself up off the floor and recover after this woman’s dead-serious comment. 

I have enjoyed retelling this story for years!  People say the darndest things … and despite the daily stress that comes with this business, these funny stories keep my good humor intact. 


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