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If only I could spend every advertising dollar as wisely!

Five years ago I decided to have a mini-wrap done on my Ford Escape.  The nominal cost has brought us a ten-fold return on investment.  I have been honked at and pulled over by interested owners and renters … over and over again.  I have met people at shopping centers, gas stations and even next door neighbors when visiting properties I manage.  I go through business cards and brochures like you wouldn’t believe … and they DO call and mention meeting me through my car advertising.  We have about eight-five properties in one particular gated community and we have been told by many that they thought we had multiple cars because they see Vacation Rentals of the Desert everywhere, all the time.  But nope … it’s just me!  Now that is great advertising!

Every time my husband and I go out of town we take my “advertisemobile,” and yes … I’ve received calls from people who saw us on the freeway or in a city where we were vacationing.

As the owner of the business, the liability is not the same as an employee will have.  You may need to look at the possible liabilities associated with employee cars … but if you are the owner I would highly recommend this type of advertising.   I wish all our advertising decisions could be as successful.

The only down side is that I cannot hide.  It took a bit of time to realize that people were not staring at me but rather, my car.  But I like people … it’s a great way of introducing myself and it’s amazing how many people are interested in vacation rentals or grab a card for a friend.  I have met some wonderful people this way … and many are now our clients.

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