OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Secret to the Perfect Hotel Bed Experience!


When shopping for bedroom furniture or bedding, have you noticed that beds are always displayed with beautifully layered sheets, duvets, blankets, bedspreads and pillows piled high?  The bedspread or duvet will be turned down exposing crisp sheets, inviting you to “climb in, relax, take a nap.”  This is the look of comfort, of luxury and could be equally effective in “selling” your vacation home to a prospective guest.   You will also see these same luxuriously assembled beds in the photographs of the best hotels rooms.  Your guests seek comfort and spending a little extra time and money on bedding will help market your vacation home as well as keep your guests coming back for more.

I found the following article in a recent VRMA (Vacation Rental Managers Association) blog and thought it might be helpful to many of you who are furnishing or updating a vacation home.  We have found at Vacation Rentals of the Desert, that it is often the little details that put your property ahead of your competition.

Crisp White Sheets Layered, Tucked and Folded to Perfection…The Secret to the Hotel Bed Experience!

I am going to let you in on a little secret…want to know how to create a hotel bed at your vacation rental? Crisp white sheets layered, tucked and folded to perfection? Here is my secret to the hotel bed experience…

Step 1: Build the Foundation

Cover your mattress with a white fitted sheet then add a feather bed and cover it with a waterproof mattress pad. This creates a tight seamless foundation.

Step 2: Sheets

Place a white fitted sheet over the mattress and foundation and then add a white flat sheet. Don’t forget to tuck the white flat sheet on all sides; think hospital corners.

Step 3: Duvet and filling

Add a white duvet cover with a nice down blanket (either feathers or alternate down).

Step 4: Fold & Tuck to Perfection

Don’t forget to fold the top twelve to eighteen inches of the duvet and flat sheet down. Tucking the duvet is optional depending on your style.

Step 5: Pillows

Make sure you layer your pillows as well. One for protection and two to create a seamless look and feel. Add pillow protectors then add a crisp white pillowcase. Don’t forget to tuck in the ends of the pillowcase to create that hotel look and feel.

Step 6: Final Touches

Now for the creative touch. Add a bed scarf or throw blanket to the foot.



Article courtesy of:   Alanna Schroeder Millar, VRMA Blog 09/05/14

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