A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

FlipKeyThis week I am sharing a post by fellow blogger, Chelsa Tyler. Her recent post on the importance of “great photographs” should be of interest to all vacation rental owners. Chelsea Tyler writes “The FlipKey Bog,” which is the vacation rental arm of TripAdvisor.

I have personally taken thousands of property photos … and I’m not half bad at it … but should you settle for “not half bad” when you are marketing a product that has the potential to generate thousands of dollars? Vacation Rentals of the Desert encourages their owners to invest in professional real estate photos. Time and time again we have noted as much as a 50% increase in bookings on properties with “great” professional photos.

Be sure to clean and stage your property before taking the photos. Turn on all lights, open blinds and patio sliders, set the dining room table with plates, silverware and wine glasses, if you have cushions for your patio furniture, put them out, throw a couple of blow-up toys in the pool, turn down the beds, store away all personal items and toiletries, close the toilet lids.

Following is an excerpt from the May 5, 2014 FlipKey Blog titles “How to Create a Quality Listing for Your Vacation Home.    Click here to read the entire article.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Dollars!

When it comes to listing your property on any website, we can’t stress the importance of great photos enough! The variety and quality of your photos could make a big difference in your rental income. In our experience, photos are the most influential way to get a traveler to click on your listing and ultimately book. Even if your home is small, old, or nothing fancy, a bad quality photo will only amplify any imperfections that the home may have. What does it mean to take a high quality photo? First, you don’t have to have a super expensive or fancy camera to do so – what’s more important is that you understand the camera that you have available to you. The most important feature of a quality photo is size. To take a high resolution photo, set the camera’s resolution to the highest number possible. Uploading large photos to your property page is the best way to avoid those grainy, pixelated, and borderline unrecognizable photos that are so often ignored by travelers.

Unless you’re a professional photographer with lots of experience, stick to using the automatic focus setting on you camera since poor focus is another frequent cause for bad photos. Experiment with the lighting in your home to find the best balance for your photos. Similarly, experiment with the framing and position from which you take your photos to get a good variety of angles. Take picture of both the home’s exterior and interior and label your photos with captions about where in the home you took the photo to give the traveler a better idea of the property as a whole.
Remember, just taking photos of your home as is doesn’t always put the best foot forward. Make sure that the home is clean and free of unnecessary clutter before going on a photo spree! Most of all, have fun with it! Get creative and enjoy showing your favorite parts of your home to potential renters.



Chelsea TylerChelsea Tyler is a Marketing Associate at FlipKey. During her time studying literature at Colby College, she traveled to Paris, France where she spent six months learning French and falling in love with the city. When she’s not writing for the FlipKey blog, she can be found sipping red wine, eating her weight in cheese, and loudly critiquing new film releases.



ear-restaurant-caffeeNOTE:  Vacation Rentals of the Desert is a member of FlipKey and are recipients of the TripAdvisor Award of Excellence for 2013 and 2014.  All of our managed properties are listed on the FlipKey website.

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