Read Before Renting!

(Photo: Frank Boellmann, Getty Images/iStockphoto)

(Photo: Frank Boellmann, Getty Images/iStockphoto)


Renting A Vacation Home?  

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?



Way too often we hear the horror stories.    Every season we receive calls or visitors will walk into Vacation Rentals of the Desert desperately looking for an immediate rental property! Their stories are not unique … we hear them time and time again.  Properties that were misrepresented by owners or are uninhabitable, guests who have arrived to find foreclosure signs posted on the front door or even worse, guests who have arrived to a property that is occupied by owners that know nothing about rentals.  Sometimes the guests find there is no such address at all.  What are the chances of getting the money back?  Not so good.

I am planning a girlfriend weekend next month and with all the stories I have heard … you better believe that I will be booking our vacation home through a reputable vacation rental company.  Even though the majority of vacation rentals posted on “by owner” sites are legit … I’m not a gambler … not when it comes to my money or my vacations … which are few and far between.

The following article appeared in USA Today just this past week, April 24, 2014.  Please read on … this article is informative and has many helpful tips.  A must read for anyone who plans on renting a vacation home in the future.

Tips to keep your vacation rental from going wrong

Vacation rentals are often great deals: You typically get a lot more space per dollar than in conventional hotel rooms, plus rentals are often in great locations and usually have kitchen facilities that let you cut the cost of some meals. They’re also great for accommodating large families or groups that want to vacation together. But vacation rentals entail certain risks. From legality issues to consumer protections, here are the most important things to know before your next vacation-rental experience.

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