As Another Season Comes to an End


Good Bye till next season!

This week I want to say good bye and thank you to all of our guests who are heading back home.  Over the past few days our phones have been busy with departing guests saying their good byes and dropping by our office with gifts of thanks … cookies, cupcakes, hugs and kisses.  Most are returning home after their long winter vacations of one, two, three months or longer. These are our repeat guests, the ones that come year after year.  We will miss them all. 


We have 55 guests checking out over the next two days … our office will be very busy.  It is not the end of our season yet.  That will come the first of May when the desert really starts to heat up!  During the month of April, most guests will be short-term, 3 nights, a week, maybe two weeks, a few in May, and then ….

They’ll be back again next season, God willing.  Trickling in ….starting October but most will come after the first of the year.  They have become our friends.  Faces we see every year, an anticipated part of our “season,” an annual family reunion of sorts.  I think this may be unique in our industry … the fact that we get to know our guests so well over the years.  We anticipate their needs; know their expectations, likes and dislikes.  We strive to offer the “next level” of customer service.  Our success … a company they can trust.

This is also the time of the year where my garage becomes a storage unit.  Coffee makers, walkers, food processors, pots and pans, etc.  All boxed up neatly and stored for our guest’s next visit.  This, I believe, is also unique.  Our typical guest will stay one month or longer … not so much of a “vacation” as a “winter home.”  They will cook and entertain … and purchase items of their personal needs or taste that are perhaps not included in the vacation home.

I also want to express my thanks to my amazing staff at Vacation Rentals of the Desert.  It takes a small army to keep our company running smoothly and address the needs of all our guests. Trish, Kathy and Joaquin … your dedication to the company and our guests is always recognized and appreciated.  Each one of you goes over and above my expectations and always gives 150%.  Don’t ever think I don’t notice.  Shawna, our seasonal gal who just departed, thank you for the hard work you put in this season … we will miss you and wish you all the best.  David … I thank you so much for taking on all the website maintenance and social media.  You have done an amazing job this year!   And a big thanks also to Lesley and her assistant Debbie from Crown Concierge.  Cleaning and concierge services are a huge part of our business.  We could not succeed without you.  You welcome our guests into sparkling clean homes and take care of all of their concierge needs in such a professional manner.   I am so thankful that you “have our back.”  And lastly, our handyman Alex … thank you!  We have kept you running 24/7.  Always reliable, always impeccable service.  I am so thankful to have you on our team.

Finally I would like to thank our property owners who have put their trust in our company.  Your vacation homes make it possible for guests to escape harsh winter weather … especially this year.  Your properties are appreciated by your guests and valued by our company.  As always … there have been many maintenance and repair issues of every sort.  This has been “the year of the garbage disposal.”  Alex practically had to keep them stocked on his truck!  It is funny but true … every year it seems that there is one particular appliance or area of concern that we see over and over again.  Last year was “the year of the washing machine.”  The year before, “the hot water heater.”  Strange how it seems to go in cycles.  If we knew in advance … we’d buy bulk.  Anyway … thank you to the caring, understanding owners who have been quick to address property maintenance and guest concerns.  Without you we would not be in business.

So … another season approaches the end.  I have many feelings … sadness, thanks, relief, a little anxiety …. but mostly anticipation of May 1st and a big glass of wine … maybe a bottle.

Then we start all over again … preparing for next season!

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