Custom Artwork Project

Sometimes it is possible to update a piece of furniture or décor.  I love this kind of challenge when I have the time.  Most recently I was working on a 1980’s property with mid-century modern updates.  The 1980’s artwork consisted of large canvases with random splashes of colors stretched over wood frames.  Eww!


All I needed for this quick and inexpensive update was a free Sunday afternoon, a trip to the fabric store and a staple gun.  You can also use beautiful tapestry fabric or a patterned tablecloth.  If you love this idea but do not have an old picture to cover … you can purchase framed canvases in a wide range of sizes at Michael’s Arts & Crafts ( or your local art or framing store.

As you can see from the picture below I had a very large wall to fill.  A new piece of art to fill this wall would probably have been pricey.  The total cost of the fabric for this project was $50 … plus an hour’s work with the staple gun … and Viola! … a gorgeous new piece of art that fills the wall and is in keeping with the mid-century décor!



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