Kitchen Rehab

Vacation Rentals of the Desert recently added a partially updated two bedroom condo to our vacation rental inventory.  This “potential beauty” was in need of a little extra TLC to attract the desired monthly guests.  The problem areas were primarily in the kitchen.   New supplies, organization and cleaning were desperately needed.  After receiving authorization from the property owner, cleaners were immediately assigned, rolled up their sleeves and dove into the kitchen.  I headed out with the company credit card to shop … one of the perks of my position.

When shopping for kitchen supplies here are a few tips … Base your choices on the level of your property.  If your vacation home is advertised as a high-end luxury property then you should choose high-end supplies that will meet your guest’s expectations.   Whatever the property level, kitchen supplies should always be in beautiful condition and of some quality.  No matter what the level of your property The 99 Cent Store should never be a shopping source!

Never cut corners on … cutlery, utensils, serving ware or cookwareIf your shelf liner is old or damaged … replace it.  If plastic bowls and containers have stains … replace them.  If cutting boards have stains … replace them.  Look at your kitchen items as a guest would … if questionable … replace it.  Nothing will gross out a guest quicker than old or damaged kitchen supplies!  When in doubt … replace!  A small price to pay to prevent bad reviews and ugly phone calls.

Rule of Thumb … Your guests should be able to cook, serve and set a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table for guests.    This would include roasting pan, bake ware, mixing bowls, mixer, matching dinner and serving wear, platters …. Accomplish this and you will have a well-supplied kitchen.

My “Go Tos” for Kitchen Rehab

Bed, Bath & Beyond For pots and pans I always shop at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Complete boxed sets in the price range of $100 to $250 should be sufficient.   Bear in mind that you may have to replace annually so pricey sets may not be cost efficient unless you are supplying a “chef” quality kitchen.  Tip: I have had great success with the following set … Great “bang for your buck”.  On pricier items I always use a 20% off coupons for significant savings.  (The 20% in-store coupons do not expire.  These coupons are “gold” … never throw them away.)  I also recommend Bed, Bath & Beyond when purchasing kitchen knives.  A $100 to $150 knife block that includes steak knives is ideal for any well stocked kitchen.  I also find that a complete set of Corningware is a perfect addition to a well-supplied kitchen.  Classic white Corningware can be used as serving dishes suitable for the table as well as baking, microwave cooking and storage.

Home Goods … For table settings I use Home Goods.  Home Goods is the “home store” of the Marshalls and TJ Max family.  (Please see for store locations)  A basic white place setting of four costs $20 … I purchase at least two sets for a 2 bedroom property.  Note:  Purchase one or two additional sets for future replacement pieces.   Home Goods is also my “go to” for silverware (choose a substantial weight with pattern on both sides), utensils (stainless is best and will last … avoid plastic and wood), drinking and wine glasses (matching or complimentary),  serving dishes such as salad bowl, platter, etc., plastic serving ware for patio dining and placemats.

Target & Walmart … For small appliances such as coffee makers and toasters as well as kitchen linens, storage containers, trash cans, sink rugs and shelf liners I usually shop Target or Walmart.










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